What is MYD?

Metal Your Day.

What does it mean?
Metal Your Day!

What does it stand for?
MYD wants to be the (positive) inconvenient issue, to matter, to make a difference, to make changes easier, to feed, to support, to incubate, and learn, to be responsible, cautious and considering. MYD is aware, and reflective, and dialectic, and a bit nasty. MYD stands strong against racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination, injustice – when does this list of human achievements end! – against all terrible marks and wounds you carry, dear world. Metal your day, make your day, make other others’ days, show some metal manners!

Who is behind?
Commit Creation – Design & Brands. Now what the hell is Commit Creation (CC)? CC is the design studio, which has launched MYD end of 2017, and consistently and full of passion and commitment is refining MYD daily, because we love it we can, we make it doable. We is, Creative Director Florian Gleich (Germany) and Fashion Designer and Graphic Designer Kayoko Yonaga (Japan). Commit Creation is based in Siem Reap since over 4 years. MYD expresses for us the opportunity to share access for local communities to (a) different world(s) and patterns, and by that learning to read them. To feed the slowly growing subcultures – and the growth itself. We inspire by example. We lead by inspiration. There are many steps to take still, some are harder than others, especially if nobody has walked this path before. The massive not only repression but also exploitation of (also) subcultures is in progress before idols and reflecting identities have even taken shape. We are surrounded by right departments, managing licences either without translating the language of the brand and engaging locally grown codes to infuse (which could be named as economic colonialism based on pure financial interest) or foddering the subcultures to harvest, without interest in longterm effects. Like the fact that subcultures can spawn an avant garde, amongst artists, managers, publishers, a whole (new) industry, and impact inspirationally others. Cambodia is in the very beginning, and MYD wants to show in some way how you can do it – and how you can be part of what we do. Why we are so obsessed with producing and narrating stories. So that makes us more story tellers I guess than designers, design is only a format. – So by the way, working with Commit Creation is directly helping us to keep MYD rolling, just FYI.

Are you an NGO or non-profit?
We are not non-profit. We need profit to invest in our communal projects. MYD is a label for social desires, this is what we want to stand for. We build up our impact organically, also with the options the community is providing us and not forcing any matters to make them an issue. We do believe that exploring cultural codes are more important than “functional” welfare. We believe that (self) creation made by local man is of higher value to a community than dependancy and distortion.

So is MYD a fashion label?
We wouldn’t call us a fashion label, why we use the as a subtitle “a label for social desires”. MYD is designed to provide a fair-minded creative playground approaching the needy environment of Cambodia and it’s hungry young generation. It has the ambition to proof the sustaining value of a successfully running commercial businesses with focus on community and collaboration, creating job opportunities framing a platform to develop self-confidence and a modern identity, breaking through the burden of history and its shadows.

How does MYD produce?
We try to source as much we can locally. Though Cambodia can a challenge when it comes to quality management. For now we are forced, also because the low amounts we produce and because sustainable producers don’t want to work with us and we can not sell shirts for 30$ here or we don’t want to… so for now we are forced printing on fabric mainly made in Thailand. The printing itself we go with a wonderful partner here in Siem Reap, an NGO running a screen printing place called Silk Screen Printing. We only can promise at this point that as soon we are financially in a better position, we will shift our production entirely to source only in Cambodia, and sustainable and more environment friendly of course.

What is MYD someday?
We do tshirts. Shorts. Scarfs. Snotrags. Stickers. Accessoires. Arts. We direct and produce short movies. We sponsor local businesses and support local structures to improve their economic revenues and life quality. We are working on hosting 2019 the first Metal Festival in Cambodia. We are collaborating with a local record label to publish regularly a fanzine, in Cambodian language. And we have many more ideas. But we are also in Cambodia, Kingdom of Wonder and surprises. MYD someday is every day. Let’s start today.

So in one sentence, what is MYD?

Just love it, it’s not gonna hurt you.

METAL YOUR DAY = Punks not Dead = Carpe silly Diem = In Vino Veritas = All What Is

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