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MYD+YM community event in July 2019

Dear MYD+YM friend and supporter,

We are having on the 21st of July our 1st get-the hell-out-of-the-penh alternative community event COOL GIFTS DESERVE COOL PEOPLE DAY 2019, #CGDCPD2019.
Where? At our Commit Creation / MYD creative studio with Yab Moung Records and rehearsal room next door, Prek Ta Kov Commune, Kandal Province, only a ferry ride across the Mekong River – details will follow.

Thanks to a very generous donation of IRIEDAILY and german metal band DUST BOLT with Claudia Appel we have already fixed a raffle, an ultimate XXXL raffle.

We will have artists over to paint some walls in the neighbourhood. There will be of course music! Lots of. Rehearsal room of bands like Reign in Slumber, going on tour in Malaysia in August, or Doch Chkae, which is the first Cambodian metal band being invited to Wacken Open Air, one of the biggest Open Air Metal Festivals in the world. So bring your instruments and/or earplugs and jam with us – or just mosh your brain into the jungle!

We will also celebrate the new releases of
Reign In Slumber – 2-track single
Doch Chkae – EP (recorded at 60 Road Studios, Siem Reap)

Somewhere around the next tree will be a screening of music documentaries.
There will be merchandise on sale and some new designs of MYD.
It will be a day to hail Metal in Cambodia and bring together artists in any shade of creative output, from young to old, doesn’t matter as long you have your respect and attitude in the right place.

You want to support us? Here is how:


1st level of (main) donors
> IRIEDAILY Berlin (Skateboard Brand)
> DUSTBOLT (Old School Thrash Metal Band)
minimum donations value 50$
+ exposure on event design (MYD+YM website blog, MYD facebook/instagram title images/posts)
+ facebook event page post plus instagram with image/logo
+ video clip intro/outro

2nd level minimum donation value 10$
+ facebook event page post plus instagram with image/logo
+ video clip credits


We are looking for max two main sponsors to cover costs for mainly (vegetarian) BBQ & (nonalcoholic) drinks and expenses for art supplies, offered for free to the MYD + YM community, which relates to 300$.
+ minimum 100$ each
+ exposure on event design (MYD+YM website blog, MYD facebook/instagram title images/posts)
+ facebook event page post plus instagram with image/logo
+ video clip intro/outro

Please get in touch with us, [email protected]

Thank you!

GSD2019 Siem Reap / Collaboration with Mirage Contemporary Art Space

(…) We have successfully organized an event in the Royal Gardens with some 50 skaters participating in the contests, some of them joining us extra from Phnom Penh. We believe that skateboarding is more than a sport. Skateboarding gives the kids a chance to express themselves freely, creates a positive you-can-do-it and problem solving mindset which goes beyond their board and takes them through life. Skateboarding gives the youth an alternative, it builds a sense of community, inspires and sparks creativity. And this is exactly what we believe has happened in the park on Saturday – thanks to you!

(…) The online response to the event was massive and we made sure that the name & logo of your brand were properly tagged. You were mentioned on our promo video which we rolled out as a Facebook and Instagram ads. Thanks to support from Facebook friends it has been seen 33,268 times and reached 139,520 people of a carefully selected young, art-, sports- and tattoo-oriented audience in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Bali, West Java and Bangkok. Our event reached 54,737 people online with over 200 events responses and 448 link clicks. We calculate that the event in the park gathered approximately 150 people (out of which approx. 50 were skaters) and around 60 people in the after-party.

We think that it is a very good start and we would like to see more of it happening in the future. We are thinking of running a dedicated MIRAGE skateboarding program and reaching out to even more youth. One of our members, Hayato, has already started it, teaching skateboarding to children of one of Siem Reap’s orphanages. We think that there is a potential to expand in a long-term and sustainable way and we also see huge interest from the youth community.


Thanks once more!
Serey, Hayato, Sumi and Florian


With the fabulous crime writer Friedrich Ani and my dearest loved friend and actress Katharina Neudorfer
Attended by not less cool and loved friends who get the PSYCHE

For more artwork / projects follow us!

We are moving constantly, a website can’t keep up with that, please connect on social media and metal our world.