Shower Column

As long capitalists plant trees and promote bamboo straws there will be inquisitors of exploitation and selfies sharing the imperative of identity.



With the fabulous crime writer Friedrich Ani and my dearest loved friend and actress Katharina Neudorfer
Attended by not less cool and loved friends who get the PSYCHE

Animation for Gco-man (自己満足), an exhibition by Kayoko Yonaga

We are so proud of our fashion designer Kayo and her exhibition at Bong The Gallery, Phnom Penh. – This was a small animation we did, Metal Lucky Cat, played at the Opening for 9 lives, every 24 min. Here is the highlight and death of the metal cat…
Animation: Florian Gleich
Score: Drugnoose (Phnom Penh)

It is what it is

“Yes but not all men. – It is what it is.”
said the German man on the plane, sitting in front of me once we touched ground in Munich.
It is what it is.
So we all can just lean back and let happen what is happening, and don’t challenge what has happened.
To his excuse, his dialect sounded pretty much countryside.
Education is not only a problem in the precarious countries, but a problem of quality.
I come from a town where the average person would agree on the same mantra.
Makes things very easy. It’s basically a non opinion but following the opinion of the masses, the popular opinions, and at the same time it makes you even feel normal, normal to think not, normal to accept the concept of a mutual fate, solidarize with common good, even though its wrong. And there is a lot of wrongness in it, the expression of failure and its acceptance. What can you do anyway, yes. It is what it is, because it is given; by the unforgiven – Hubschrauber (insider).

The impossible human (excerpt)

“(…) We have Houses of Prayers. We have prints, scrolls, dusty scripts, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, sacrificial altars, rituals, ceremonies, blood and sex!

We have subcultures, dissolved in micro pop worlds, sticking together side by side, inside and outside, lusting for more fame bigger spotlights higher heavens of art.

We had art. But that’s stone-dead.

We have us.
We have democracy. We elect people we don’t know ,to tell us what we have to know, who we are, and what US means. We follow people who praised us to murder and conquer in our name, in the name of our nation, to protect our borders, from anyone who wants a piece of US.

We produce technology we use for 18 months, then it will die, and never rot.

The world is institutionalised. And institutions incorporated that we can’t even say out the word freedom out loud anymore without adding a LOL.

We are using the concepts sister and brother to bond with people, not enough to be human.

We know we will be never propitiated, with the impossible human, with others… and we don’t really have regrets about it, otherwise US would be based on reconcile and not ego. (…)”

We manufacture culture
We do it ourselves
We nurture cultivists
We connect to collaborate
We commit to create
We don’t do art
But art is the process
Art is not in the eye of the beholder
But the essence of our conviction
Commit local create global
– MYD –