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Lesson 1

Respect your Mothers + Heroes – Mothers keep your eyes open – Heroes keep your eyes open

Show your mother what a hero you are

MYD #keepyoureyesopen 2018

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MYD #keepyoureyesopen 2018 - Where to consume - Commit Creation
MYD #keepyoureyesopen 2018 - Where to consume - Crane Siem Reap
MYD #keepyoureyesopen 2018 - Where to consume - The Harbour Siem Reap


[ Attention World! After many weeks of putting in all our passion and love and time and skills and our very commitments, we are excited and a bit proud too to launch this week in Siem Reap a label for social desires, METAL YOUR DAY. Until today MYD was a private playground, for thoughts and photography and escapes on the road, and sometimes a fundraising tool to support projects discovered roadside who needed help. So we designed some shirts and sold them, the profit a donation, a piece in the puzzle, and one less. – But private playgrounds suck. METAL YOUR DAY = Punks not Dead = Carpe Diem = In Vino Veritas = all what is and wants to be, to matter, to make a difference, to support, responsible and sustainable – stay until not needed anymore. MYD doesn´t look away. MYD is aware and reflective and dialectic and a bit nasty. MYD stands unite against racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, discrimnation, injustice – when does this list end! – against all terrible marks and wounds you carry, dear world. – MYD wants to inspire. MYD is a social label, which only means all profits go into the next phase, the biggest of event of the masterplan (version 1.2), an impact project we (as Commit Creation, the design studio and heads behind MYD), plan to launch mid 2018, to support, accompany young talented Cambodians on their way to their own business. What MYD is and what it does you will experience in the upcoming months. A new collection is already in production, BOMBS & SEEDS, an antiwar campaign. Interesting. Maybe. And many other things. How you can be part of? Support us, buy a shirt, buy more, like, share, love! You are great! MYD loves you. ]


Orkun Cheraown!

Thank you very much fabulous people of Tepardey Village for your open hearts and your support providing MYD a face/s, a first gesture, of deep gratitude. Our heart is rooting strong in Cambodian ground. We feed ourselves with inspiration every day, and every day you give us a reason to smile. – MYD knows its responsibility. We will be back!

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