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Shower Column

“Shall I love you as I love myself because I hate myself.”

Object Meditation


Bleeding precaution (denied)

Part I

Bilious green under piceous skies

Amorphous chants at falling horizons

Flickering carcasses.

The stench of ashen wings


I baptize you mother with fire!

Black flames shall char the womb of your memories

And shade-grown stigmas shall dance on your pious endometrium

Rinsed with a red river of superiority

Do you see, the darkness, Mother!

Open your legs and look into the chasm of light, you filthy god-bearer

Part II

Evolution has been institutionalized!

Father, almighty headsman

The corporation of the festering viscus of your slaughter men

Remains of infestation

Echoes of ancient hails from the temples of doomsayers

Frosting wrath of gods



Austerity of relation!

Part III

Army of blades gorging deeper and deeper to my unholy grain

Feed me on the carrion of your spirituality

Mother! Father!

You deadly embrace

Receive my darkness

Your last commandment

My abortion of enlightenment

Trapped in control

A fracture of soul

A rapture of mortality

Your flatlining vessel of serenity

Part IV

Primordial tears sundering skinless fears

Naked my thorns

Bleeding precaution

Corporate abortion

Lost in control

Dead space

Dead birth

Dead earth

Blown off



My body is your void

Part V

My cool lifestyle

My cool career

My cool attitude

My cool smoke blow

My gangsta dumbo

My ink limbo

My golden frivolity

My childish popularity

Idolism is my brand

Bitches my talk

I am not a rebel

I am a label

A hollow reflection

Kill your idols

Crucify me at the very least!

Part VI

Your love left me to rot

Your love is hate

Your hate is my love

Leave me armly in a smouldering blister pack called life, generically limited model “Be yourself”, the VIOLENCE edition.

Part VII

You are not worth killing me.

Alternative Music Scene in Cambodia needs a home!!!

Yab Moung Records has an amazing opportunity to take over an apartment situated around Orussey Market, the centre of Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh. At the moment, the place is run down but the rent is cheap and we see potential to transform the space into a D.I.Y. community house for alternative music. The venue would function as a record store, music distributor, and a hangout place for those involved locally and globally in the alternative scene. It would also host workshops in regards to music, design and printing for band merchandise.

In Phnom Penh, urban development is rampant and the cost of rent is rising, leading to a spate of venue shut-downs and a deficit of music venues for non-mainstream genres. There are only two, yes, you heard it right – TWO in the city. Moreover, Cambodia has no distributors where young people can go to buy underground records, merchandise, tapes and CDs, and we could be the first one with your help!

As the nascent Cambodian music scene takes off, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage more Cambodian teenagers to engage their creativity (be it T-shirt making, music composition, drawing, or just conversing about music), and to provide a place for touring bands to crash. Our aim is to link Cambodia up to the global scene and to sustain and develop the underground Khmer metal and punk music scene.

The rent is 150$ per month, plus running costs. We also need a bit more funding for some necessary renovations, as you can see. Being able to rent this space and provide for the community would be a crucial step forward for us and the alternative music scene in Cambodia.

Thank you for your support!

Doch Chkae release new track shortly before they jump on the plane to Wacken Open Air 2019

DOCH CHKAE is a death metal band founded in (year) with the help of Swiss social worker, Timon Seibel. Before Doch Chkae’s birth, the teens were students at Timon’s NGO – Moms Against Poverty Cambodia. Theara Ouch, Vichey Sok, Hing Ouch, and Pich Freedom were battling stress, angst, and poverty. At the same time, Timon, as one of their teachers, was also struggling to point the “troublemakers” in the right direction and giving them a purpose / focus in life.

Vocals: Ouch Theara
Guitar: Sok Vichey
Drums: Ouch Hing
Bass: Sochetra Pic

Listen on Bandcamp:

Recorded at 60 Road Studios in Siem Reap:

Follow Us:

Video & Cut: Metal Your Day (CC)

Special thanks to Moms Against Poverty, 60 Road Studios, PGDrumco Cambodia and Metal Your Day

MYD + IRIEDAILY happy times / skatepark Factory Phnom Penh

IRIEDAILY and team handed over 50 pieces of clothing and two skate decks to Metal Your Day in June 2019 as a donation. The clothes were given away at Mekong Open Air Music Festival 2019 at the village community MYD studio is located at. Tin, himself a skater – and MYD team, scouted for the skate decks two kids at the skatepark at Factory in Phnom Penh. The young talents Rotanak and Ly Hour received the two decks and each a MYD shirt and some stickers. – Go wild boys, slice some concrete!
IRIEDAILY – big thank you for your support, you made some kids & teenagers very happy!

Mekong Open Air 2019 – Review

Legendary times! Metal, music in its original purpose – E X P R E S S I O N!
Back years ago the members of today’s Doch Chkae visited a show of Sliten6ix, at the time the only metal band in Cambodia, and got outrageously inspired so they formed their own band. In 2 weeks Doch Chkae is playing in Germany at Wacken Open Air 2019 – the first Cambodian metal band on a European Open Air stage, how sick is that!
We need more of this!!!

For more artwork / projects follow us!

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